Tikka T3 Review

Tikka T3 Review

This admittedly my first hunting riffle purchase. I bought the Tikka T3 in .308 calibers. I chose the .308 caliber for a few reasons. One of them is the range a .308 round will go, the other reason being, the plain stopping power of the .308 round. I chose the blue non glint finish barrel as well. There are a few good things about this riffle. It comes with sling mountings preinstalled, and with a free sling. The T3 308 has an 11’ rate of twist. It weighs a bit over 6 pounds. The Tikka T3 also comes slandered with a 3 round external electable magazine. Yes this bolt action riffle has a 3 round electable magazine. For a total combined carrying load of 4 rounds. My version of the riffle also has a 20” barrel length. Nice wood finish stock. This firearm has great accuracy. That is about where the good things end.

The bad, oh boy, the bad. Now I have shot other riffles in .22 up to .308 so when I say this I’m not being a wimp or over reacting. My Tikka T3 kicks like a Missouri mule. If you think you’re going to go out and shoot 10+ rounds in a row (out the box) you’re crazy. If you don’t break your shoulder, or at the very least be very, very, very, sore the next day, it would be a miracle. The 3 round magazine, well you are stuck with that. I have been searching for about a year to find a 4 or 5 round magazines, with no luck. It seems that Beretta one had a 5 round magazine, maybe, but no more. At least no more here in the United States.

So after struggling with the kick while trying to zero it in I decided to get the Limbsaver slip-on recoil pad. That reduced the recoil by almost half. Luckily they had one that my riffle like a glove (Like the Limbsaver brand is supposed to do). Like with any .308 rifle, getting the correct .308 hunting scope is very important. The scope I purchased well that will be for a different review. However the zeroing a scope in process with the T3 .308 calibers seemed very easy as well. If you are entrusted in buying a Tikka T3 do me a small favor, read more then just this review, read as many as you kind find. If at all possible go out and shoot one as well.

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