Springfield XDm 9mm Review

Springfield XDm 9mm Review

Springfield Armory, one of the most recognised firearms names in the world, have produced a new pistol – the Springfield XDm 9mm. Known for the quality of their tactical response firearms and have a reputation for producing quality handled and ergonomic pistols, the XDm 9mm is a whole new breed.

The XDm arrives in a 5.25” case with hinges, and inside is your brand new handgun, three magazines, a paddle holster, a magazine carrier, a magazine loader and a cleaning brush, as well as a tirade of manuals and the necessary paperwork, this gun is all about function. Curvy and attractive as well as comfortable to hold, the grip is massive but does not feel too big or hard to hold, the XDm balanced well in your hand.

It also has significant features which vary from the usual style of pistols, as these are designed toward competition use. It has front fiber optics as well as a rear target which is adjustable; it’s very easy to aim at your target with the front sight too, allowing simple targeting.

Although it does not have any more recoil reduction than your usual Springfield firearm, the slide reacts much quicker than just about any type of XDm out there. It is extremely accurate as well, whereas most guns have varying accuracy rates – the majority of the shots fired from an XDm are where you want them to go. Although there have been some complaints about the quality of the trigger – it’s not bad, it’s just not anything special either – and it appears that the general consensus is that Springfield Armory know the majority of gun users will modify and tune their triggers to their own personal preference, so you may want to look into that if you don’t like the trigger too much/ Personally though, I found it fine.

One of the negatives though, is the carrying of the pistol. Due to the size of the pistol, it would be incredibly difficult to conceal your weapon unless you dress like you are in the Matrix, and due to licensing laws in certain states you need to be careful about carrying a weapon. When the weather is better, you need to make sure that your weapon is not noticeable, which can be difficult due to the size of the weapon. However, due to this gun being aimed more towards the competition variety, this may not be a concern – but if you are looking to buy the XDm for other reasons, you may wish to look elsewhere.

It gives you everything you need though to use it for competition environments, and is one of the most comfortable and accurate firearms in the market for this. Also, it comes at a great price that won’t break the bank of roughly $700, which makes it a brilliant value firearm to look into. Certainly, I recommend using it for that exact purpose – it’s more than fit to use for that.


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