The Ultimate Guide to Camping With Large Group

Camping is without a doubt a proven superb outdoor activity ever. No matter if you’re camping with family or friends, this is always exciting out in open under tent. Whenever you are selecting 6 person tents, 8 person tent, or maybe up to 12 person tents, it is particularly important to consider all the alternatives because it is usually a more important investment compared to a little tent.

However, sometimes camping event results in being problem, if you have considerably less area for a big group. Your little tent cannot accommodate over a particular number of individuals. And in case group is split up into a number of tents then this won’t give a feel of the get together. As a result, nobody will enjoy this event to the fullest.

These big camping tents can be very simple to use. However, a large tent can be easily setup in 15 minutes usually by a person. Instructions for utilizing these big camping tents mostly are sewn to the storage covers.

How To Choose Large Group Tents?

Therefore, you’re smitten with having a big tent for the family vacations or even for parties. To do it correctly, you’ll need to find out what aspects are significant to you as well as what may not matter so much.

Windows And Doors

Door is certainly a significant feature in terms of these tents because you desire a comfortable and wide space to be able to get out and in but you additionally want this to be safe as well. Windows in many cases are an individual choice but most individuals want to allow the air and light.

The doors perform a neglected part in the pleasure of the tent if you possess one which is very small or even in wrong place after that it will be highly annoying. Getting a “hinged-door” is an excellent feature however the main point here is you need a big door which is simple to pass through. And in this case, an 8 person tent can be best for you.


A specific area where all these items can be completely different is actually their shape. A few will have particular segments for the rooms while some can have a way more open & wide space. It is usually an individual choice which will be depending on your requirements.

In terms of the rooms which they have, many of these items will possibly have 1 or 2 spaces that will be divided by the divider. It is vital that you figure out exactly how many separate rooms you need and in case you need a completely “open-space” then you need to make sure that it offers a divider.


It is something that’s particularly significant to me as well as something which most people don’t think about while buying a large tent. You’re too trapped with the bells & whistles to consider. Have you ever thought that how difficult it can be to take all these to your main campsite after backpacking for 6 hours?

However, with a lightweight tent arrives less durability, therefore, that is why you must think about the usage and exactly what you’ll be doing.


Based on how you’re traveling will figure out what kind of layout you’ll need. If you’re a family having teenagers who truly value their individual space, then you’ll need to choose a large tent with the dividers and divide rooms to let everyone enjoy their comfort.

Additionally, you need to take storage space into consideration. If you don’t want all your filthy gear rubbing against the face while you’re sleeping, then you’ll need to choose a tent having the storage vestibule.


Not to mention, size is very important, but how significant is it? You’ll require a tent which will be large sufficient to bring your whole family together but how big is enough? To choose the correct size for camping tents, Abc-of-RockClimbing have a great explanation on the subject that might want to check out.

It will depend on exactly how comfortable you’re willing to be. Of course, you may have the ability to squeeze 9 people plus grandmother into the 10 person tent as well as lay everybody in there easily. Until you understand you have 11 people and gear to keep somewhere too.

5 Things To Consider When Camping With Large Group!

How Many Individuals Are Coming?

So, the initial thing you’ll need to determine is that how many individuals will be attending this large group camping. How many individuals you have and their experience of camping will affect almost everything from the amount of food you’ll need to purchase to where you’ll camp.

Lots of campsites, particularly those with local amenities such as bathrooms and water, may not be prepared to handle the large parties.

Pick The Campsite Properly

Since you have in your mind a headcount, where do you desire to stay? It will differ based on the season and your location as well as the type of activities you’re willing to add in the festivities.

For “colder-weather” camping, try to find sites with lots of trees and other brush so that you can break the colder wind. For the warmer months, the lakeside camping will be great.

Assign Tasks

Do not try to arrange a whole group camping vacation by yourself — you will go insane and possibly end up failing to remember something significant such as toilet paper. Rather than leaving the members of the group to clean with leaves, get a few colleagues or friends you believe as well as assign them a few responsibilities.

Buy The Food

Your camping is going to be a hard work. You will often end up eating greater than you might at home. It is fine if you have sufficient food for everybody. Buy and stock up greater than you believe you will need. Always you can take leftovers home as well as eat them and store “non-perishables” for the next camping vacation.

Safety Is Important

You must be careful about the safety of your group. For this, you can buy safety gear. Stay alert with your friends – mostly at night.


Covering these fundamentals of large group camping can help to make sure that everybody stays fed, dry, and enjoys a lot. Every campsite and every group is different, therefore over time, you will find out exactly what works perfectly for you.

However, being in command of a big trip may be nerve-racking and lots of work, yet if you start planning appropriately and have an excellent team to perform, you will discover that everything in the campsite gets looked after and you will enjoy yourself with your friends.

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