The Best Hunting Rifle And Accessories

Hunting is quite exciting and thrilling. The feeling of taking down a big buck with precision is what gets people to hunting. However, hunting is only enjoyable when you have the best rifle for hunting and the right accessories. A good rifle, caliber, and cartridge are among the most discussed topics in hunting forums.

There are varying opinions on the ideal hunting rifle and accessories. This is because of the numerous choices on the market. You can all agree with me there are hundreds of good rifles and cartridges in the market. However, this does not mean you cannot find a suitable rifle. When deciding on suitable rifles and accessories, you need to consider your budget and hunting needs. There is no single hunting rifle that works in all hunting situations.

Choosing A Hunting Rifle

Choosing the right rifle is a lot easier when you know your hunting needs. A rifle that works for one person might not work for another person. For example, deer hunters require powerful rifles as opposed to small game hunters. Below are crucial factors to consider:

Type Of Rifle

There are different rifles classified based on their action. Here you can choose from the three categories of Bolt action, Lever action, and semi-automatic.

Bolt rifles are the simplest to use and require manual cycling. Lever actions also require manual cycling but feature long barrels. They are among the easiest to swing, aim, and fire.

Lastly, we have the semi-automatic, where you find most modern sporting rifles. They are usually versatile for short and long-range shooting. The popular AR-15 is found under this category.

The right rifle to choose depends on your personal preference and caliber.


The right ethical power and range needed for hunting can be determined by the type of caliber you choose. Choosing a rifle and caliber should go hand-in-hand.

The right caliber depends on where you will be hunting and what you will be hunting. You need to make a decision based on the bore diameter of your barrel.

There are hundreds of calibers on the market with different pros and cons. The entire discussion on caliber can open a whole new discussion on the cartridges.

For instance, long shots are ideal when hunting in open spaces without dense bushes. Furthermore, long shots require heavier loads meaning bigger and powerful rifles. You need rifles with longer barrels to deliver maximum velocity. Under such circumstances, you can consider Bolt action chambers and .22.250 Rem. However, what you hunt also comes into question.

On the other hand, when hunting in dense spaces, you need a lightweight and compact rifle that is easy to swing. This is important, especially when hunting from a tree stand. In such scenarios, consider the .243 Win, which is a mid-range cartridge. Other great choices include the 7mm-08 Rem, .30-30 Win, and .30-06.

Once you have the right rifle and caliber, you can go ahead and consider other great accessories. Accessories make your hunt a lot easier.

Best Hunting Accessories To Consider

Even with a quality hunting rifle and calibers, you need to back your gun with extra accessories. The biggest challenges hunters face are tracking and spotting the right game. So, what accessories do you need to carry?


You need to have the right scope for hunting for precision shots. Seeing a game at a distance is not enough to have a perfect kill. Scopes play a crucial role in helping hunters magnify the target.

Hunting can be dangerous when you come too close to the game. A scope can help you identify and take down your kill from a safe distance. Generally, a good scope makes you a better hunter.

Choosing the right scope also comes down to where you’re hunting and the time of hunting. For example, night scopes can help illuminate the target in low light conditions.

Scopes help hunters track animals at a safe distance and stop them on their tracks. They also ensure you get a precise shot that kills animals right away. The last thing you want is to injure the animal and start tracking it over a long distance.

Ammunition Cases And Holders

When tracking targets over long distances, you need to ensure the safe transportation of your bullets. Bullets should be stored in cases as opposed to leaving them in the magazine. Never store your gun loaded with bullets.

It is advised you de-load any excess bullets and have them stored separately in the ammunition cases and holders. Consider solid and sturdy cases that can withstand impacts on falls. The cases should also be locked safely and prevent the entry of dust and dirt.

It is always annoying having to clean your bullets even before you start your hunting trip.


A rangefinder is quite common and a great accessory for the rifle. The rangefinder helps determine the target range making shooting estimations a lot easier. When hunters measure the accurate distance to their target, they can calculate the bullet trajectory and ensure they have a precise shot.

Rangefinders for long distances take out the guesswork. If hunting at night, consider a rangefinder with infra-red light. Rangefinders are a must-have, especially when hunting large games at long distances.


Lastly, make sure you carry the right harness with you. Carrying a rifle on your arms for long distances can be tiring. Hunting is more enjoyable when you can carry your rifle comfortably and safely for long distances.

Consider excellent rifle slings that hold the rifle and distribute its weight evenly on your shoulders. Practice with your harness and ensure you can access and close your rifle with ease.

Final Verdict

These are just a few basic accessories to accompany the right rifle. Always create a checklist and have everything checked before you start a hunting trip. The right rifle depends on what you’re hunting and the location.

Choosing a rifle and the right caliber is only the start. Make sure you have the necessary accessories for a successful.

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