Best Ways To Pick The Right Holster For Glock 19 Concealed Carry Without Any Hassle!

Odds are that just before you bought the gun, you invested many hours of extreme research regarding which gun was best for you.

Although it may well not feel like you have to put a similar consideration into the holster, for example, appendix carry holsters, it’s important to keep in mind that exactly how you will carry the gun is simply as important as which gun you’ve chosen to carry.

The holsters are available in all kinds of styles and materials that mean the decision may be overwhelming, particularly if you’re a newbie shooter. Continue reading to get some tips on the best way to pick the best gun holster to meet your needs.

The Purpose Of A Gun Holster!

Once you purchase a gun, there’s the most significant thing which you must buy is a gun holster. The holster provides you easy & quick access to your gun while offering the protection of avoiding the gun “going-off” by accident.

This is, in fact, the best type of safety against your firing yourself with the weapon you’re using.

When you are not using the gun or even drawing this, a holster can permit you to access the gun easily while letting both hands completely to be free as well. Aside from that, a holster will also offer a system for preventing an unauthorized individual from taking the firearm.

No matter if you wear the gun on a daily basis or store this, you must have the perfect type of holster to match your gun. This is important to remember that all the law enforcement staff, experienced shooters and militaries have the holsters for the guns they use.

Types Of The Gun Holsters You Should Know!

There are 4 types of the gun holsters such as sport, concealed, duty and tactical. The most satisfactory description of each provided below:

Sport Holsters

Sport holsters are utilized by the shooting sports fanatics all over the world for aggressive shooting. Not just are they utilized for the aggressive shooting, but also they are utilized for storing the gun and transporting the gun from and to the range.

Concealment Holsters

Anybody needing to hide their weapons such as federal agents, undercover law enforcement officers needing a backup gun and civilians might wish to use the concealment holster.

The concealment holsters must prevent a gun from simply being noticed through the clothing. They must be both lightweight and relaxing to wear. This holster can easily conceal a gun in a number of places for example under a coat or jacket, inside waistband, inside the pocket or on ankle.

Duty Holsters

They are mainly worn by the security personnel, military police, uniformed government agents and police officers.

Belt holsters tend to be the normal type that permits both an instant draw as well as prevent unauthorized individuals from taking your gun from holster while you’re wearing it.

Ever since these duty holsters are utilized by law enforcement and federal agents, the situations they’re used in usually have different needs. The requirement for higher levels of the retention decreased the speed of draw to be slightly less than the tactical holster.

Tactical Holsters

These are primarily used by the law enforcement. These are commonly made from either nylon or hard plastic. They can be found in a number of different colors, however, are black often.

Tactical holsters could be belt holsters, drop leg or thigh holsters. They are exclusively made to let you draw the gun instantly. Because of how you’ll be utilizing this sort of holster, the design enables a faster draw than other forms of holsters.

Tips To Choose The Best Holster For Glock 19 Concealed Carry

Without a doubt, you may make this query that when you’re in need of an IWB holster, then is there plenty of guidelines which will let you find the best glock 19 holsters to suit your needs. Now, how to choose the right one?

Of course, I can assure you that I’ve set a few pointers out which will let you discover the best suits for you.

Easy Re-Holster:

Just endeavor to have a holster which doesn’t disintegrate down when the gun is drawn from it. You must supplant the gun quickly on occasion as well as you may cry putting the resources into a specific thing that will is challenging to remount.


It must be the important part of buying IWB holster. This should be agreeable because it will certainly sit on you for a very long time.

Of course, you must have the ability to walk, run or even slither wearing this relying on the thought of your action.


Absolutely this assumes an important job in taking a call because you’ll convey holster all day crossing. It recommends that the holster must be created using the skin benevolent materials such as polymer, nylon or cowhide.

In all honesty, nowadays you can get holsters from “cross-breed” textures such as Kydex as well as shell which make them similarly solid.

Frequent Changes:

Reality demonstrates that some people have assembled holsters for a variety of seasons. Such as for the “mid-year” months, you’ll consider having a “nylon-holster” because calfskin might not be an intelligent thought for you.


If covering your gun is your key concern, then you should try to find a holster which offers you the best. With that said, I inspire you putting the resources into the holster which suits the clothes you wear.

You’ll have to have the capability to conceal this well under the garments as well as that must be its main reason.


Everything depends upon this. A holster isn’t different to this. However, you should purchase the one which offers a reasonable cost.

You’ll have your financial plan. I understand not all will pay for the expensive holders. You select and let the prerequisites define them.


I must say that choosing the right holster for Glock 19 concealed carry is no more a challenging task. But you need to follow the criteria I have mentioned in this post. Rest assured that you can make the right choice. Did you enjoy this post? Of course, yes. Now, let’s start a discussion in the comment section below. Also, make a little effort to share this post with your friends on social media. Now, just enjoy!

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