If you’re planning to hunt at night, then you require the best night vision scope. Why does one require a night vision scope? Shooting or hunting in the dark is not a simple task even with a flashlight. We can see very little at night as the rods in our eyes only help us to see little in dim light. They don’t even allow us to see colors.

We need help from a night vision scope to see things in more detail although we will still miss color. However, color is not necessary when you aim to hit the target.

Before we even see how one can choose a good night vision scope, let’s get to understand how these important gadgets work. Night vision scopes intensify the available light allowing your eyes to see in detail. Remember human eyes need as much light as possible to see clearly.

Night Vision Scope Generations

Night vision scopes are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and strengths giving you options when buying.

There are three-night vision scope generations to choose from:

Gen 1

This is the first generation that provides a green image which is a little difficult to see.

Gen 2

This is a much better version with white phosphorous tubes that help you get clearer images. It is moderately priced and can deliver decent results. It is a great choice offering a great balance between quality and cost.

Gen 3

This is the latest generation night scope using pinnacle tubes to deliver the best quality. This generation scope can deliver clear images from as far as 300 yards.

Once you’ve decided the best generation night scope that suits your task and budget, you need to look at a few considerations of the scope.

Thermal vs Night Vision Scope

Beside night vision scope, there’re another night vision device that can get the job done, but works total difference! It is thermal scope that’s also very reliable and works perfectly for hunting at night.

There are some difference between these 2 products here:


Thermal and Night Vision Breakdown by ATN and Fred Eichler

Considerations When Buying a Night Vision Scope

Can it work for your gun or not

Make sure the scope you intend to buy will work on your gun. You don’t want to buy something that will not. Of course, you can send it back but who wants to go through that trouble?

Scope distance

You also need to look the distance the scope provides. This is where higher generation scopes come into play offering greater vision at long distances. A good example is generation three which offer excellent vision up to 300 yards. This cannot be compared to generation one that offers vision up to 75 yards. The choice eventually comes down to your hunting needs.

You can go with generation one when hunting big game at shorter distances. However, when you need to shoot at long ranges during the night, generation three is the best giving you excellent vision and a precise dead center.


Cost is another consideration but one you don’t want to factor if you’re an avid night hunter. Most people prefer scopes in the range of 100-200 dollars. However, the generation three scopes can go as high as 1000 dollars. If you want the best night vision scope, then you will definitely spend much more.

Final Verdict

These are the main things you need to consider when buying night vision scope. There are a few minor things you also need to check like accessories, but this also adds the cost. For some who looking for the best night vision scope, this ultimate guide from L.P Brenzyfther has you covered. Overall, you just need to ensure the night vision scope selected works for you.