300 Savage Riffle Review

300 Savage Riffle

The .300 Savage for a long time has been a rifle that is often overshadowed by better-known brands and calibers. However, for reliability, durability, and capability, with a scope mounted on it, is a weapon that is hard to beat for deer and other big game hunting.

The rifle is built as a lever action, and the lever is well contoured to the grip, making it comfortable to hold or cock. The lever itself is easy to use, and the ejection of casings and reloading of the chamber is smooth, easy, and quick.
Shells are loaded through a side-mounted cylinder, and a simple small brass counter allows the hunter to easily see how many rounds remain in the cylinder with a simple turn of the wrist.

The stock is available in a couple different woods, but all are very well made, and even refinishing isn’t a very big chore. There is one downside of the stock, however, in that unless specifically ordered otherwise, it tends to be a little shorter than those of many other rifles. Being 6’3″, this makes the stock a little short for me. However just getting an additional recoil pad easily compensated for this small shortcoming.

The rifling is clean, tight, and well engineered to give the bullet the maximum spin as it leaves the barrel, which increases the accuracy.
The rifle is easier to clean and maintain than many other rifles, especially since the breach can be opened so wide.

Often considered a brush gun because of its light weight, this under rated rifle has capabilities that are as good as or surpass weapons that are more commonly considered as long-range rifles. The trajectory of the bullets isn’t as flat, or the speed of the bullet as great as in the .30-06, however I’ve witnessed open range shots of well over 300 yards that have resulted in a clean takedown of a moving target. Yet it is indeed light and easy to carry in brush, if that is where you are hunting.

This rifle can easily be set with a scope, though it functions perfectly well with open sights.

Bullet grain sizes vary widely, however 150 gr. is pretty standard for most big game, giving adequate hitting and knockdown power while also giving the range to make more distant shots.

The .300 Savage should get the praise it deserves. It is a good rifle for short distance, brush, and long rang shooting, it functions well and easily, it is easy to clean, and it is lightweight. Best of all, it is accurate. If you are considering a hunting rifle, this should definitely be on the potential list of choices.

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